How I Watch Unlimited Movies For One Low Price

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I know what you’re thinking… are there really better options for accessing movies other than The Buster, The Box, and The Net?

As we discussed earlier, in my research I discovered some alternatives for accessing and watching my favorite movies on an UNLIMITED basis. When it comes to cell phones we like UNLIMITED minutes. When we go to restaurants we like the sound of UNLIMITED refills. How about unlimited miles when you rent a car? Let’s face it…we all like unlimited deals!
Well, I happen to find this killer deal on the internet with an innovative company where you can download UNLIMITED movies for a fixed price.

Click here to see the website that lets you download all the movies you want at a fixed price.

What was really cool is the selection is great and takes only a few seconds to download the movies. I didn’t have to sign up for a subscription or get any additional hardware either. I like that! No monthly payments and no restrictions or “gotchas”.

Think about how we normally get our movies, i.e. it usually is pay-per-movie or a monthly subscription. Then you still get extra fees for being late with returns or additional downloads. Or you have to watch the movie on cable when THEY say you can watch the movie!
I’m telling you folks, this is the greatest (and cheapest) way to get premium 10 star movies and watch when YOU want to watch! Transform your PC or Mobile device into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of movies. View any movie at any time with no limitations or restrictions.

Click here to download and watch as many movies as you wish with a simple one-time access fee!

Have fun and I’ll see you at the movies!

Movie Watching Choices Today

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OK, I admit it. Once in awhile I STILL like to take my boys to a movie theater for the “experience” of old-fashioned movie watching. The smell of popcorn, the $4 Goobers, the sticky floors, the bright cell phones illuminating throughout the audience. Nothing else like it!

But during these tough economic times, who can afford $12 tickets? Seems out of proportion. Most times we seek out a $1.50 theater with movies near the end of there “first release” period, which is fine with us. We’re not the type that has to see a new release right away. We are very fortunate to have a nice $1.50 theater right here in Raleigh.

I have rarely rented movies from our cable service. We are already sending them a lot of money each month for channels we never watch. It doesn’t seem right to me sending them even more money for movies we do want to watch.

The Buster was big for years but seems to be in decline. RedBox has found a nice little niche with their smartly designed kiosks that seem to be popping up everywhere. And don’t forget about The Flix!

Download technology has come a long way just in the past couple of years. Remember when it seemed to take HOURS to download anything that was bigger than 1MB? I think this is the future of movie watching which we will explore in my next post.

10 Star Movies Watch Movies

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In my quest to find 10 star movies watch movies that I love, everyone is familiar with The Buster and The Net. The technology has changed quite a bit from the days of Beta and VHS!

There are some very limited choices out there (at least that’s what I thought). In search of a new movie watching website, I discovered “unlimited” options that allow you to download the top must see movies for one price in a fixed time period.

What’s cool about that is you can download and save the movies in your computer in a permanent virtual library. Don’t forget to back up your files, preferably “off site” with an inexpensive service like Carbonite.

I did the math and figured I could access my favorite movies much cheaper in an “unlimited” environment versus the traditional ways of obtaining movies. It kind of reminds me of cell phone contracts, i.e. it seems like everyone has gone to unlimited minutes now because it just makes economic sense with technology advancements.